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Specialists in financial restructuring, cost reduction and debt consolidation. 


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Clarity will relax your mind, so you can pursue your goals with optimum enthusiasm. Resulting fluent communication and disciplined follow-through, which is crucial for your business growth and success.

You will feel empowered with the scope and quality of our services at your disposal. Confidently determine your pace and direction, take your business to the next level.  

No pressure selling, based on your resources and strategy you move forward. Help and support to develop a rationale for your business as required. Whilst being mindful of reality, opportunity and your options. 

Readily available assistance, offering tailored financial solutions to meet your business needs including, international project finance, BTL's, bridging and commercial finance, life and property insurance.   

take control of your business! 

let's agree to develop solutions that will empower your growth and success. 


Let's put a smile on your face and help your business with the much-needed capital injection, including restructuring your existing loans, business expansion, business purchase, bridging finance, new premises, property investment, development and international project finance etc.   


Securing adequate and affordable financial terms is paramount for the success of any business, resulting in a happy proprietor that evolves with their success managing and sustaining their growth. Thereby ensuring that benefits are transferred across enriching the lives of their loved ones and not the banks.  

Partnership or relationship problems can cause serious obstacles that eventually lead many to bankruptcy. We specialize in helping people grow and prosper, our aim is to empower you with financial solutions to redefine your goals and take timely decisions.

Always adding strength to your finances, whatever your goals, credible help is at hand. We have been in the consulting, client management business since 1986 dispensing financial advice and management services including sales/purchase negotiations, construction project management, manufacturing, wholesale, import and export, retail, precious metals, gemstones and much more, so we can relate to what you might be experiencing with your business. 

Over the years a lot of people have put their trust in us and we have always respected their trust ensuring consistently high-quality service that continuously exceeds their expectations. Talk to us about your need, you are welcome to contact us by email, skype or phone to discuss your requirement without any obligation and we will endeavour to respond immediately or at least within 24hrs. 

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