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No messing and time wasting, clarity on issues is essential, whatever your concern, talk to us, we will endeavour to find a workable solution that offers practical chance of success. International business transactions are demanding at the best of times, pragmatic communication with disciplined and timely follow-through can produce amazing results. 

You will feel empowered with the quality of our service, collective experience and scope of reach at your disposal. You can confidently determine your pace and direction, take your business to the next level.

With many years of successful experience in the field of Financial Planning and International Business dating back to 1986, Oxford. We have become well versed with problem solving and fruitful change management, product procurement, marketing and negotiations.

The international business market is continuously changing, bringing with it new challenges and new opportunities. From our past failures and success we have learnt and developed pragmatic solutions to selectively invest our time on genuine opportunities and influence rewarding outcomes for our business partners. 

Our proactive networking with professionals from different cultures and backgrounds helps to identify opportunities that could be suitable for qualified clients. Client satisfaction is at the heart of our business, consistently striving to deliver high-quality techniques that will enrich their experience with us and ongoing commercial success.


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The first and most important initial step in international business is to qualify the client and opportunity, this can only be done with your cooperation, after successful evaluation we can establish NCND and terms of business agreements between us to proceed forward. Product specification and samples, technical tests and banking procedures  can only be openly discussed after the initial step. 


We appreciate the difficulty with working in different time zones and language barriers, however, it is very important to maintain fluent communication because minor misunderstandings can be the cause of delays that eventually ruin the deal. Your businesses can only grow and prosper with realistic opportunities and the capacity to take timely decisions.

Market knowledge and experience, we have been in the consulting and client management business since 1986 dispensing financial advice and management services including sales/purchase negotiations, construction project management, manufacturing, wholesale, import and export, retail, precious metals, gemstones and much more, so we can relate to what you might be experiencing. 

Over the years a lot of people have put their trust in us and we have always respected their trust ensuring consistently high-quality service that continuously exceeds their expectations. Talk to us about your need, you are welcome to contact us by email, skype or phone to discuss your requirement without any obligation and we will endeavour to respond immediately or at least within 24hrs. Smile and grab business opportunities with confidence knowing that genuine sources and support is close to hand.


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