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B2B sales and marketing support, designed to provide speedy response to facilitate your business requirements. Over the years, we have qualified and developed reliable connections in the international market that are able to perform in complex and difficult business environments. Given the size of transactions involved most of our business partners will work 24/7 to bring the proposition to an early conclusion. This level of commitment can only be driven with a strong belief and trust in the genuineness of the transaction. 

To maintain the quality of our response time, all new clients are emphasised that open ended loose propositions are non-productive, only direct or close proximity to KDM's is welcomed, as it is essential for timely and conducive results.  





The marketplace is tough, correct information is vital for timely decisions to avoid unwanted time consuming delays and disappointments. Our processing is gradual and designed in qualifying steps that are completed before further resources are allocated. International transactions have many risks and our focus is to minimise those risks in early steps, seek clarity as required and pend further processing until satisfied. We'll support you throughout the transaction process, innovate and implement solutions to address your weaknesses, challenge unfavourable clauses and successfully turn any disadvantageous terms weighted because of your urgency to mutuality, if not favouring, at least equitable.    


Without obligation, forward your product offer or request for our initial appraisal, based on your resources and strategy we can move forward, whilst being mindful of reality, opportunity and your options.


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